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all_auditions's Journal

Worldwide auditions for film, TV, theatre, and all
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Global auditions for performers
This community is for the posting of auditions for performers of all disciplines, worldwide. If you are seeking performers, or are a performer looking for auditions, please join!

A few quick rules
- Keep it pleasant. No flaming or nastiness. If that takes place those causing it will be booted.
- Keep it on topic.
- No nude / sexy photos please!

- audition listings: please include details of payment, details of what is required of cast, show contact details, show location (town, and country).
- questions or hints and tips about auditions
- working as a performer (questions, hints and tips, rants, etc)

If replying to an audition, please note that its not professional to apply if you cant attend!


- this site is not responsible for the listings made. Therefore please bear in mind a few safety notes. This should keep you out of most common audition scams.
* You should not have to pay upfront to audition, or join a casting agency. If you are asked for money, its best to make a polite excuse and leave!
* Auditions can take place in hotels, meeting halls, TV/ radio studios, anywhere. ALWAYS make sure however that it is in a "public" area. As in dont go for a "private audition" with one or two people in a hotel room. Make sure its in a public function room!
* If applying for a casting in a country in a film other than which you live, please bear in mind that you may require to be legally eligible to work in that country.
* not all castings are paid. some may only cover your expenses, or provide a DVD of the finished project. These are perfectly legitimate, and often a good way of getting into film (via student films, etc) Only apply for these if you are comfortable with the offered renumeration.

You might want to also look at the sister comm create_theatre.